Congratulations to Libya, today, at last came the fall of Qadaffi’s regime. Even though I don’t feel like celebrating a loss of someone’s life is a good thing, I feel relieved today. Relieved for all Libyans who suffered for so many years, seeing their family being captured and die, fighting against terror and finally gaining their freedom. But still, I wish, Qadaffi’s still alive. I wish I could see him taken to the court, being asked to admit all the terrors that he had done, and finally, being imprisoned or getting an even worse punishment. I would like to see him pay for his deeds.

The same thing I wish for Bashar Al Assad. I want him to see what he’s done, to see the rising of Syria, being captured behind bars for the rest of his life. Personally, I think, the loss of freedom is worse penalty than death. Death is something like a sweet escape, even though it sounds harsh. But, losing your freedom, your former way of life, seeing all the families you have tortured at least getting their piece of mind and their own freedom, would be worse than death.

I don’t wish anyone going to Hell, Allah will treat Qadaffi the way he deserves to be treaten, and I think Qadaffi’s going to Hell or not should not be on anyone’s mind.

What matters now is the freedom that was given to Libyan people and what they are going to do with it. We should celebrate the end of an era of torture, death, constant fighting, losses of innocence, childhood that never existed…We should celebrate the opportunities given at this moment, the freedom of decision Libyan people have.